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Avg Driver Update Key

Caution When there are multiple rows in a DataWindow object and the user switches keys or rows, updating in place might fail due to DBMS duplicate restrictions. Lemur Voice Insights Rar. Painter: Rows>Update Properties, Key Modification.

UpdateTable A string specifying the name of the database table used to build the Update syntax. Painter: Rows>Update Properties, Table to Update. UpdateWhere An integer indicating which columns will be included in the WHERE clause of the Update statement. The value of UpdateWhere can impact performance or cause lost data when more than one user accesses the same tables at the same time. Values are: • 0 – Key columns only (risk of overwriting another user’s changes, but fast).

• 1 – Key columns and all updatable columns (risk of preventing valid updates; slow because SELECT statement is longer). • 2 – Key and modified columns (allows more valid updates than 1 and is faster, but not as fast as 0). For more about the effects of this setting, see the discussion of the Specify Update Characteristics dialog box in the Users Guide. Painter: Rows>Update Properties, Where Clause for Update/Delete.