Puzzle Bobble Game For Pc

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Puzzle Bobble 4 Overview Puzzle Bobble 4 Free Download for PC (also known asBust-a-Move 4 in North Americaand Europe) is the third sequel to the video game Puzzle Bobble and is the final appearance of the series on the Arcade, PlayStation andDreamcast. The game is also the final title to be recognizably similar in presentation to the original. Building upon the success of Puzzle Bobble 3, the game adds a pulleysystem that requires two sets of bubbles, attached to either side of a rope hanging across two pulleys. The game contains a story mode for single player play.

Puzzle Bobble Game For Pc

Also Known as: Puzzle Bobble, Bust-a-Move (Video Game), Puzzle Bobble Taito Puzzle Bobble Minimum System Requirements OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/7 CPU: Pentium @ 133. Puzzle Bobble,pc game, skidrow, crack,cheats, mediafire, rapidshare, updated links, video game, kid game, torrent, system requirements.

In total, the game features 640 levels. The console version features a level editor to either create and save a level, set a succession of levels, or to create an unlimited amount of extra levels and stages. It also has an alternative «story mode».

Puzzle Bobble 4 Download free Full Version. Story On the planet Bubbleluna live the twins Bub and Bob. One day, the sun fails to rise because the Fairy of the Night, Cleon, has stolen the light source known as the Rainbow for Full-Moon Madame Luna. She splits this rainbow into 7 light bubbles. Bub and Bob then set off to retrieve these bubbles and restore the light and peace to their planet. Gameplay changes This installment of the series introduces two new features: the pulley system and chain reactions.

The pulley system consists of two groups of bubbles attached to either side of a pulley. Popping some on one side will cause that side to be «lighter» and therefore rise.

The other side lowers in response. If a pulley is shaking and a bubble is attached, the resulting heavier side will lower.

This requires added strategy to prevent one side moving too far and therefore losing the game. One possible strategy is to form a bubble cluster between two pulleys to prevent them from lowering or rising at all. Then the player can triangulate until acquiring the necessary bubbles to clear both anchor bubbles, while still keeping both ends of the pulley clustered together. Chain reactions occur only on the two player (or player and CPU) modes. When a bubble is dropped, it can move to another place on the board if this causes more bubbles to pop. If this in turn causes more bubbles to drop, then the chain reaction can continue. Puzzle Bobble 4 Game free Download Full Version.

Play Modes Puzzle Mode — Consists of a field of stages labelled A-Z, in a triangle. To proceed to either the stages B or C, you must complete A. Rarlab Rar Wrar351 Sc. This continues, meaning there are many possible routes to completing the puzzle mode. Story Puzzle — Consists of a backdrop with multiple tarot cards superimposed on it.

The aim is to complete each of the tarot card stages, gaining that tarot card once its group of rounds are completed. New tarot cards are revealed when each of the stages currently shown are completed. Story Versus — Follows the players chosen character in his/her adventure to regain the seven light bubbles and do whatever it was that character planned with them. He/she must face each character of the main characters (below) and defeat them to move on (in the case of the character not being Bub or Bob, they also must face a clone of himself/herself), in a linear fashion. Eventually, he/she will reach Madame Luna and upon her defeat she will be revealed to be Dreg, the main antagonist in the series. Any character can be chosen for this mode except the unlockable characters.