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Relaxation & Breathing for Meditation DVD5 NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR MPEG2 ~6652 kbps English: AC3, 224 kb/s (2 ch) 01:29:40 4.18 GB Genre: Yoga, Meditation, Health The importance of the breath is familiar to anyone who practices yoga, as is its significance in the pursuit of a deeper, more meditative state. But it never hurts to be reminded of that connection, especially as yoga's growing popularity has turned it in a more active, less contemplative direction.

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The title of this DVD program pretty much describes the content; it consists of two approximately 30-minute sections, one ('Conscious Relaxation') devoted to several easy, relaxation-inducing poses and the other ('Conscious Breahing') focusing entirely on the breath itself. (Also included are an 8-minute 'guided meditation' and an interview with instructor Rodney Yee.) It's unlikely that you'll break a sweat, and you won't 'go for the burn,' as yoga practitioners seem intent on doing these days-but you might reach a place of stillness that's considerably more profound.

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Understanding Qigong DVD 3: Embryonic Breathing DVD9 NTSC 16:9 (720x480) VBR MPEG2 ~3269 kbps English: AC3, 192 kb/s (2 ch) Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian 100 mins 5.88 GB Genre: Health In Understanding Qigong DVD 3, renowned Qigong (chi kung) expert and author Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming teaches the theory and practice of embryonic breathing. Also known as 'back to childhood' breathing, this qigong meditation technique is the foundation of internal cultivation and advanced practice.

Embryonic breathing develops excellent wellbeing and increases your sensitivity and awareness. Garfield 2 Ps2. This multi-language program is captured in High Definition, and builds on the fundamental theory taught in DVDs 1 & 2. Yang's systematic approach to teaching offers deep insight into the ancient art of Qigong with modern scientific data to support his theory from both an Eastern and Western perspective. Drawing on his 35 years of training in Qigong and his Western scientific background as a Physics professor and Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, Dr.