The Sims 2 Pirate Ship

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If you have been reading my posts you most likely have already found my Pirate Ship; well at least 18 players have downloaded it and 7 have ed it:-P If you haven't found it yet,. BackStory What is a Pirate Ship doing in a beautiful neighborhood like Magnolia Promenade? Well apparently when Hook the Actor retired from his pirating days from his hit tv series and all his mates were getting old in age so they were no longer able to man the sails, Hook decided to buy a small piece of property of 30x20 cubic feet to fit his fledging ship.

If you have been reading my posts you most likely have already found my Pirate Ship; well at least 18 players have downloaded it and 7 have ed it:-P If you haven't. Sims 2 Downloads. Searching for 'ship'. 683,897 Creations Downloads / Sims 2 / Searching for 'ship' Choose Theme. Jan 25, 2008. The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles. The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles Adventure Pack introduces new quests, treasure hunting, and hundreds of new objects for your.

With a bit of hedges, he managed to fit in nicely with the Jones next door. The only complaint he had so far was the flapping of the sails at night, so he promised to lower them nightly. Other than that, with parties only on the weekends, he has managed to fit in almost quietly. The 'Ralphael Pirate Ship' is my second build in Sims 4; was my first shared house. Again, the reason that I'm telling you the build number is that I am most likely to not last at no more than a dozen builds; already I'm waning at build number 6. I took a visit back to Sims 3 and all my build,s by re-installing Sims 3 and all its eps, then thankfully found my shares in the still up and running Exchange, and then spent several hours taking photos of all my builds with the thought of re-creating them in Sims 4 but.

Then I realize what drove me to create them in the first place are now lost in Sims 4; such as Paradise Island which gave us the ability to create tiny islands that we could scatter our sims across the world, or castle sets that allowed us to build Harry Potter Hogwarts and so on. EA gave us a box of 64 crayons with different size sketchpads (worlds) and took them all away and gave us back a dozen felt pens and a few fixed sized sketch books and said, here you go. Sorry for my digression.

The Sims 2 Pirate

So when I started on my second build with a simple brick house as my first build, I didn't think it would be possible since I did not have CFE to curve the bottoms of the ship. In addition we had no water nor landscape tools that would make a believable boat in water, thus I did not have very high expectations of what would turn out and I was so sure that after a few attempts I would throw my hands up in the air. And go play games on my playstation. Vitamin D Video Keygen. Nortel Nt4x44 User Manual. It actually turned out better than I had hoped. The three major tools that made this possible was the growing of objects (using drapes as sails), fountains that allowed us to build beside walls (thus creating a ship in water) and lastly round decks that made a believable bow and stern.

However I did not want to make a gangplank as that would mean that had to create a two story pier; experimentation disallowed staircases on fountains, flooring over fountain, pillars no longer supports floors even though we could stick them into the fountains. So this was indeed a problem. How are we going to get the sims into the ship? Frantz Magnetic Separator Manual there. Thankfully we have basements and although we could NOT tunnel right under fountains of water, we could tunnel two levels deep. Note: Stacking Stairs was also tested to find that they do work in Sims 4. You can see stacking stairs within the ship where the stairs is simply stacked facing the same direction mainly to save room. In Sims 3, the sims are blocked from going back up if I remembered correctly; they could go down.