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ENGLISH VERSION AVAILABLE! Now you can get the new documentation on Joomla! 1.5 templates.

You can use the eBook to make your own template with HTML and CSS and integrate it into Joomla! All information needed, technical specifications and codes are written in this book with real example and explanation to help you understand how it works. All this in 160 pages of content. Moreover, behind the technical documentation you will find a concrete tutorial based on the template 'basket_ck' (the template is included in the package). Safari S Pdf As Html Color there. This tutorial will learn how to create this template from A to Z, step by step with HTML and CSS code, and javascript if necessary.

Here an extract of some pages included in the eBook: and now here is the total table of contents from the eBook. I. Asus X80l Vga Driver. INITIATION HTML AND CSS 1.What is a template?

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