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Kurzweil Sp4 Editor Serial NumberWondershare Video Editor Serial Number

Volume Serial Number Editor; Music. While the PC3/PC3X is fully editable from its front. Piano Keyboard 76 - Kurzweil Synthesizer Sp4-7 Keys Stage.

Dave, Any idea why Guitar Center and Musician's Friend don't carry the SP4-7? Musician's Friend should carry all of our stuff. I checked their website and you're right - I could not find a listing for the SP4-7.

I think it was just a clerical oversight. I'll follow up with that later today.

GC only has floor models for SP4-8 and PC3LE8. It's very difficult for ANY company to get ANY new product into GC inventory these days. So getting two new ones in there after years of not being in GC was a huge victory for us. We had to choose 2 products and felt that the SP4-8 and PC3LE8 gave a nice representation of our product lines and sound sets. GC can of course special order any of our products. So you could go to the store, audition the sound set in the LE8, but then order a PC3K8 if you happen to need the user sample memory and additional polyphony and fx. Of course, anyone in the Boston area is more than welcome to come visit our R&D facility and audition boards until you're blue in the face!

Just shoot me an email. There is one at the local store here. As I previously posted I tried an SP4-7 (bought and returned it.

Loved the sounds, but I didn't like the keybed feel or the randomly uneven key spacing which seems like a QC issue) I tried the SP4-8 (for only a few minutes) and the keybed is much better and the keys are evenly spaced. Sure sounds good too! Edited by James_E ( 02/07/12 06:12 AM) #2383649 - 02/07/12 08:56 AM Re: Kurzweil sp4-8 [] Platinum Member Registered: 06/30/09 Posts: 1268 Loc: Boston, MA. I'm interested in the SP4-7. You said the issues with the keyboard have been addressed. If I buy one new how do I know it's the new and improved version and not older stock?

Is there a serial number cutoff that will indicate if it has the improved keyboard characteristics? Thanks for your help and for participating in this forum. That's a great question, since I'm also interested in SP4-7, and this part of the world I'm living in don't usually act quick on such things. A serial number cutoff that we can check is a good idea.

#2387195 - 02/16/12 08:38 PM Re: Kurzweil sp4-8 [] Gold Member Registered: 03/27/11 Posts: 569. I gigged with an SP4-8 for over a year and it's a good gigging board, in a moderately loud setting the piano sound holds it's own but it's not detailed like a Roland SN piano. Probably sits in the mix a bit better than some Yamaha gear but I still like the Yamaha piano live. The organ sounds are nothing to sneeze at either, I picked up a Evolution Midi control surface and ran my Midi drawbars to the patches that way. It was pretty good for a synth organ. Though I have my SP4-8 up for sale and a CP50 I'm not fully comfortable at letting either board go but I have stopped gigging and was thinking if I could sell them both I'd would get a 700SN Roland to record with at home at the July 4th Sales the various retailers have, they are pretty amazing (700SN) but I certainly am afraid if my live gigs came back. I worried I would miss the SP48 and the CP50.Rolands even the SN I'm afraid really may not hold up well in a moderately loud mix.

With the Kurzweil piano and the new/ old Yamaha stage pianos I pretty much can gauge how they are going to react to rooms or stage acoustics. Edited by Legatoboy ( 06/04/12 04:29 AM). I've played the SP4-7 at some lenght recently, and I must say it's a nice little board.

I would not play 'pianistically' on it, but for playing organs, strings, clavi, brass, synths, ect. I liked the action.

And it's lightweight, something I always appreciate. Alien Skin Exposure 4. As a 'middle' gigging board, I would consider it. I'm not 100% convinced that it has the exact same sound quality as the PC3 family. Pianos are rather ok, but some of the other sounds. I don't know if I'm hearing the fewer effects, different A/D converter perhaps?!

Or maybe just the smaller choice of presets. It sounded a bit less 'rich' and detailed than the PC3 to my ears. I didn't have the chance to do a direct comparison, though, so i can't be sure. Also, a friend of mine has the SP4-8, so I played that too, and I just loved the action. One of the best weighting for my playing.