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Author: Submitted: 6th March, 2005 Favourites: 2 Genre: Action Downloads: 1583 Rated: Game of the Week Winner Edited By MIG2 on Cadash/Wonder boy II style You are a lonely warrior. You have reached Anster Land and your objective is????? Get gold to buy the equipments you need. - Boots: They changes your speed and your jump level - Swords: They increase your strenght - Armors: They increase your defensive power - Shields: They block projectiles Main features - Original GFX --no ripped-- - Joypad or keyboard game - Parallax scrollings - Your equipment visually changes when you get news parts. - 12 areas - A lot of items and subweapons!!!!!!!

Road Fighter Game Free Download

Wandering Fighter. Wandering Fighter is a cool Japanese-style platformer from Miguel 'MIG2' Perez, maker of Castlevania-inspired gems including Lost Valley.

Simcity 4 Deluxe Rar. COMING NEXT: DOUBLE DRAGON ' The fist '!!!!!! This download contains more than 50 comments, so only the latest 50 have been shown, Posted by 9th March, 2005 I love all your games so I'm sure I'll love this one too. Posted by 10th March, 2005 looks nice and hey what program do you use to make the graphics Posted by 10th March, 2005 I came to stage 12, the last stage, and that was so. SO hard!:O Miguel, I know you're kinda' busy, but this is a great game as always! I found a very very irritating bug. You should set an event so the enemies' animation 'Stopped' is activated after the animation where they attack is over.

It happened once, but one archers animation froze, so it shot a never ending wall of arrows. This game was really fun and in the same time extremely frustrating, I hit the computertable many times.:P I might play this game another time, as I said I came to stage 12 and that took me aroung 3-4 hours.