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Instruction Manual. Exploded View. 1,0 MB 0,5 MB. 0,4 MB 1,1 MB. Basic Set-Up Carpet. Team Xray XB4 2014 - Chassis. The new composite chassis frame has a split design with a separate front part and rear chassis plate. The split design allows the.

View and Download XRAY XB4 instruction manual online. High-competition premium luxury racing 1/10 electric 4WD off-road buggy. XB4 Motorized Toy Car pdf manual. XRAY XB4 2014 - Basic set-up for carpet XRAY XB4 2013. XRAY XB4 2013 - Basic set-up for clay. XRAY XB4 2014 - Instruction manual supplementary sheet.

Carreti ACRC - Adelaide Clay Medium Medium Tacoma Clay High Smooth Norcal Hobbies Clay High Medium Delta RC Clay Low Bumpy Space Coast RC Clay Medium Bumpy J.

Team Xray XB4 2014 - Chassis. The new composite chassis frame has a split design with a separate front part and rear chassis plate. The split design allows the entire rear suspension to be mounted in either standard position using the rear chassis plate, or to be placed lower by mounting the rear suspension directly to the aluminum chassis.

The direct mounting of the rear suspension increases traction and is recommended for low-traction tracks. Mounting the rear suspension directly to the chassis requires optional rear suspension holders 363311 & 363321. The split chassis is compatible with both XB4 & XB4 2WD. The rear of the chassis features positions for additional optional weights which allow for quick and easy weight balance adjustment. Suspension Arms. All-new arms feature the innovative SFA™ (Suspension Flex Adjustment).

Whether you are racing in low- or high-traction track conditions, you can easily adjust the flex of the arms by quickly and easily adding optional graphite stiffeners which change the stiffness of the suspension. The new arms include 4 holes where the optional graphite stiffeners are mounted, and the areas around the holes are strengthened for maximum durability. SFA ™ Graphite Stiffeners. All-new innovative and unique SFA ™ graphite stiffeners allow for super-quick suspension flex adjustment to easily adjust the traction of the car in various track conditions.

Whether you drive in low- or high-traction conditions, with the smart graphite stiffeners you can very quickly and easily adjust your car to suit current conditions. At the beginning of a race event when traction is low, the arms are used without the SFA ™ graphite stiffeners. As traction increases, the suspension can easily be made stiffer by mounting the SFA ™ graphite stiffeners for more stability and easier driving characteristics. The graphite stiffeners give the car maximum stability in chicanes and allow for easier and smoother steering. Made from 1.6mm thick high-quality CNC-machined graphite material, the stiffeners can be easily mounted or removed by only a few screws. The stiffeners are available only as an optional part.

Variable Shock Mounting. The new design of the rear suspension arm allows very practical variable position of the rear shock absorbers. Depending on track conditions, the rear shock absorbers can be installed either in front or behind the shock tower. Screwdriver Story In Pdf there. Slipper Clutch. The power from the motor is transferred to the drivetrain via an adjustable central slipper clutch for quick and easy tuning.

The new lightweight slipper clutch plates have a machined relief which decreased the friction surface which assists with clutch slip adjustment. With the new plates the pressure of the plate is on the circumference of the clutch pads, which increases the efficiency. The new slipper clutch pads are produced from new ultra-efficient SLS material with very high slip efficiency and allows very precise adjustment of the slipper clutch. The new clutch spring is much stronger which helps improve consistency and gives ultra-fine slipper clutch adjustment. The clutch outdrives are super lightweight and manufactured from HUDY Spring Steel™ and are additionally hardened for extra life and reliability. The slipper plates are machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 and additionally hardened and with a black final surface treatment.