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More Aladdin Xt Plus 2 Install images. Feb 10, 2018 This tutorial will show you how to install the Aladdin XT Plus2 modchip in an original Xbox console, specifically a 1.6 motherboard revision.

I chipped this console for someone on here to sell to them since I hate selling softmodded consoles since they can be ruined. This way I never have to worry what if they delete this dash and whatever First time chipping an Xbox and it is easy as can be with the Aladdin XT Plus 2. You get what you pay for tho. This chip lacks a lot of features compared to the X2/X3 due to the BIOS (its not recommended to use IND-BIOS on the Aladdin if installing in a 1.6). Describe The Difference Between Transaction Drivers And Duration Drivers there. The EvoX (not to be confused with the dash Evolution X) BIOS is still quite capable of doing all that you need it to do The sucks for this but I managed to make my way through it so you should be able to as well Here are some pics of my install.

I went with the basic install btw (none of the optional points were used). I forgot to take a pic of the pin header but you can get that idea from the guide linked above. I am glad you got it chipped. I will offer a few suggestions though. 1.flux your points a tad bit better 2.You can tin your points with the iron instead of putting the iron on the point and applying solder. This is will prevent you from using to much solder.

Put a little solder on your iron tip and apply it quickly to your soldering point. When you tin your wire with flux and solder you can quickly solder it into place with minimum effort. There are a few cold solder joints,but that is okay.

Its a learning process. Even I am not perfect. Practice makes perfect though. Good job ole buddy. Yeah I did this at I think midnight lol. Its a miracle I didnt kill the console lol (I have bad luck when chipping a console for the first time haha. The pin head install is the one that I had the issues with too much solder (it was worse than that).

The holes end up being a lot bigger than the pins going through them so I added more to ensure that proper contact was being made with the mobo. This is only the 3rd console I have chipped haha I have killed a PS1 and a PSOne in the process and left 1 GameCube with a drive board that requires the alternate XenoGC install to be done so I am now 3 for 6 lol. I'll be retouching the 3 cold joints tonight, I had issues getting the solder to flow correctly even with the flux (probably because it was midnight lol). Thanks for the tips/compliments • •.

I have a version 1.1 Original xbox and decided to try to hard mod it myself. Seems with this version xbox I just need to solder the lpc header. Solder the bt on the chip to the ground. And solder the DO on the motherboard to DO on the chip. I'm having an issue with the DO point.

I'm using the alternate DO point and was wondering where do I wire that to? I read another guide that said solder the DO point to the screw plate. Trados 2007 Activation Code.

I did that but before I actually test it. I was wondering if that is recommended or should I use another point?