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This is a subreddit completely based on the excellent Nintendo franchise Rhythm Heaven (Rhythm Tengoku in Japan). Feel free to post any fan art, music, remixes, games, pretty much anything Rhythm Heaven-related. Crossovers are acceptable, too. • • • RHYTHM RULES: • No spam. • No trolling.

Shitposts are allowed, but keep it low! A lot of shitposts in a row can be counted as spam. • Only post things that are related to Rhythm Heaven. • No posting ROMs or anything of the like. Links to emulators and fan translation projects is allowed, but any posting of ROMs will be deleted. • Please do not advertise your chat/project/whatever unless you have something to show for your work! NOTABLE BLOGS: • • RELATED SUBREDDITS.

Developer Publisher Focas Lens Released 2012-05 () Genre Rhythm Game Gameplay A collection of rhythm mini-games Platforms // Requirements • Processor Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz or equivalent AMD • 512MB RAM • 1 GB Free HDD • DirectX 9.0c • 64 MB video card compatible with DirectX 9.0 • DirectSound compatible sound card Official Site Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Kurenai ( 東方リズムカーニバル!紅, 'TouhouRC! Scarlet') is a collection of rhythm minigames that combines the series with the series. This game mainly focuses on the cast. Contents • • • • Story Prologue: ' the newspaper reporter was finding stories to make articles for her paper. But, finding fresh and good stories was no easy work. Then she got a bit inclined to the she happens to pass.

Aya had a hunch that something interesting will happen, so she decided to visit the place. Gameplay Main article: and Sub article: Controls • Z = A button, Confirm, Advance • X = B button, Cancel, Go back • Spacebar = Pause button • Arrow Keys = Used to move around the menu and is also used in some minigames. • P = Screenshot (saved in the Screenshot folder as a BMP) External Links • • • • •.

ROM download page for the game: Rhythm Heaven (NDS) - File: Rhythm Heaven (USA).torrent - Blue Velvet Edit. Japanese Exclusive Game Boy Advance Release 'Rhythm Tengoku' Gets A Fan. Rhythm Heaven / Rhythm. Full instructions on how to patch. Jun 18, 2017 Rhythm Tengoku Translation - Rhythm Heaven Silver. What will be included in the final patch? English translations. Rhythm Tengoku Translation - Rhythm Heaven.

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