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So you probably think you’re pretty hot on geography now. All those late night Geo Challenge sessions are finally paying off. You could now be blindfolded, dropped off in a random location in Siberia, and you’d be home in time for lunch, having stopped by in Kyoto because you heard it was nice at this time of year. But we’re not done yet. Allow us to introduce the Geo Challenge US Pro Pack. Test your knowledge of states and cities in the good old US of A with four brand new mini-games which will push your geography skills even further.

First we’re going to check your state hopping skills with State To State. Can you guess which state sits between the two you can see? Next up is Car Conundrum, where you’re going to be tested on your knowledge of state flags.

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You may be surprised how many you know! Thirdly we’ve got City Blitz, where we give you a map of the USA and you have to stick pins in it, just like that map on your bedroom wall you used to have. Except this time instead of sticking a pin in Orlando because you went there once on your holidays, we’ll tell you where to put the pins which we’re sure you’ll agree is much more fun.

And finally City Sorter, a favourite at Playfish, quizzes you on which towns can be found in one particular state. In fact the only bad news is that people in the UK won’t be able to play the new US Pro Pack until March, so spare a thought for them when you’re virtually road tripping through the states of America!

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