Samsung Dvd-p390 Firmware

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I looked at all the hacks online for the Samsung P390 and found out how to get half way through the hack and to open the number grid as this DVD player has no numbers on its remote control. To open the grid you must wait until see 'No Disc' written on the screen. Trust 4 Port Usb Hub Driver. You then hit repeat, rewind, next chapter, fast forward, previous chapter and then play. This opens a grid with numbers highlighted in it. I tried unhighlightening all of the number except the 9 and this didnt work.

I then highlighted all the numbers which didnt work either. This was for a region 2 DVD player. Anyone have any idea what numbers you need to make this DVD player region free?

Samsung Dvd Firmware UpdateSamsung Dvd-p390 Firmware

Samsung players have the reputation for being the most difficult in the world to make region free. I think your model and one other model are the only ones that Samsung currently makes that have any hope of being made region free. There is not any harm in asking and perhaps you will be lucky and someone will see this and post an answer that works for you, but it's also possible that if the hacks you read about don't work that there is no working hack for your player. Crack Kung Fu Panda Playstation 3. Samsung may have changed the hardware and broken those hacks or it could be that the hacks only work on models sold in other parts of the world. Try this one; it worked for my Samsung DVD-P390K (Region 4) With “No Disc” showing, press the following key sequences on the remote REPEAT, REWIND (not previous chapter), PLAY,DOWN,DOWN,RIGHT.

DVD-P390 Edit Product model. Agentia Cfr Timisoara Program De Lucru. Search Search Support. Useful Software. Solutions from other Samsung customers.

This should automatically make it region free. 9 shows up on the screen, no red circles(error message) should appear while applying the code.

Then open and close the tray, turn the DVD player off and back on and it should now be unlocked for multi-region playback. I got this from another site, but if you're in Region 2, it might not work.