Unit Operations Of Chemical Engineering Solutions Manual 7th Edition

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Unit Operations Of Chemical Engineering Solutions Manual 7th Edition

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This is the solutions manual to a revised edition of a text on unit operations of chemical engineering, which contains updated and new material reflecting in part the broadening of the chemical engineering profession into new areas such as food processing, electronics and biochemical applications. The main text devotes separate chapters to each of the four principle unit operations - fluid mechanics, heat transfer, equilibrium stages and mass transfer, and operations involving particulate solids - and includes coverage of adsorption, absorption and membrane separation. There is also detailed treatment of solids-handling operations and solid-liquid separations. In this fifth edition, SI units are given greater emphasis and some two-third of the end-of-chapter problems have been revised.

In addition, there is new material on membrane separations, flow measurement, dispersion operations, supercritical extraction, pressure-swing adsorption and sedimentation.