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I downloaded Face Recognition for HP Protect Tools from the hp website. How to install face recognition software on windows 8. (32-bit and 64 -bit) of windows 8. The FastAccess facial recognition software does not work consistently. And is running Windows 7 64 bit. Here you will find the dell software that may help you.

I just received a new Studio XPS laptop with integrated webcam, running Windows 7 x64. The FastAccess facial recognition software does not work consistently. Sometimes no image is displayed in the image box; it will be black with either a green or red border. Also, it is eating up about 20% of my CPU time when idle; if I 'Disable FastAccess Temporarily' the usage drops right down. When I called support (I called the day I received the laptop) I was told that the integrated webcam may not be compatible with Windows 7 x64.

I was also told that I needed to call Dell's advanced software support line, and that I would be charged for the call. So, in other words, Dell sold me a laptop with incompatible hardware and software, and expects me to pay for service to take care of it? How To Open Dts File In Sql 2008. I hope that is not the case.

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Anybody out there that can point me in the right direction? The FastAccess software does not show up in the software downloads area for my laptop. I don't believe the integrated webcam driver was there either. Thanks in advance. I'd be happy to try to help.

Let's take a few points from your message step by step. • What version of FastAccess are you running? Version 2.4.7 or newer is fully compatible with Win7. • CPU usage is measured by Windows in a strange way. When your system is at idle, the processor gets throttled back considerably to save power. Cossacks 3 Game.

The percentage used by any app is reported as a percentage of the total cycles available at the slower speed. This make the percentage jump way higher at idle even though to the total cycles being used by FastAccess aren't any more than normal.

• The image not being displayed is certainly an important question. Without a consistent video feed, FastAccess clearly can't do it's work. It sounds like there is some sort of difficulty attaching to the integrated camera. • With FastAccess disabled, does your camera work in other applications?

• How exactly is it showing up in the Windows Device manager? Sensible Vision is committed to providing software that not only provides significant workflow and security benefits, but that provides those benefits in a way that’s as efficient as possible. Here is some information to start the discussion. Please feel free to contact Sensible Vision directly using the support email address (available on our website). We are most eager to reproduce any non-standard behavior and resolve it. Security Mode: The different security modes have different functions, purposes and CPU usage. Face Login: About 45 seconds after a login/recognition FastAccess CPU usage should approach 0%. Do not take CPU measurements until this time has passed.

User Switching and Continuous Security: Both modes have real-time features (automatic switching between users and automatic desktop locking) so somewhat higher usage is expected due to ongoing video analysis. 3% to 5% is normal. Virtual camera: If using another video application that is running, FastAccess will report much higher usage. This is expected as it provides video to the other application. Measurement techniques: When measuring CPU use, bear the following in mind: a. Measurement Tool: Both the Task Manager and Resource Explorer report usage as a percentage of CPU speed available at the time. How To Dragon City Hack Tool Without Survey And Password on this page.

How much speed is available (and hence the percentage reported) can vary widely as Windows slows the CPU to save energy. Either measure in the “Max Performance” Power Plan which minimizes this throttling or use Microsoft’s “Process Explorer” to get a more accurate measurement.

Usage Spikes: Very brief, transient spikes of higher usage are always possible. If Process Explorer is set to sufficiently high resolution, these peaks may occasionally be visible. They have very little effect on system performance or battery life, however, and can safely be ignored. What’s important is sustained average usage (over 2-3 seconds). Thanks for all that.