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The Best Software For Driver Updates

Can someone share the link to download the latest version of Rhino mocks binaries. Download link for latest Rhino mocks binaries. Software Recommendations. Ok, I assume that Linux version of Rhino is at the very least VERY unlikely. But as I'm getting increasingly fed up with Windows has anyone got successes running.

I'm using RhinoMock in VB.NET and I need to set the return value for a readonly list. Here's what I want to do (but doesn't work): dim s = Rhino.Mocks.MockRepository.GenerateStub(of IUserDto)() s.Id = guid.NewGuid s.Name = 'Stubbed name' s.Posts = new List(of IPost) It fails on the compile because Posts is a readonly property. Then I tried a lambda expression, which works fine for Function calls, but not so much for Properties. This fails to compile. Sure Cuts Alot Pro Crack. S.Stub(Function(x As IUserDto) x.Posts).Return(New List(Of IPost)) Next (failing) attempt was to use SetupResults, but this failed stating that it cannot be used in Playback mode.