Manuale D Officina Ducati Monster S4r

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Manuale D Officina Ducati Monster S4rDucati Monster S4r Review

• Owner’s manual DUCATIMONSTERS4R. • Ducati motorcycle for long whatsoever for any mistakes incurred in drawing up this journeys as well as short daily trips. Ducati Motor Holding manual. The information contained herein is valid at the S.p.A wishes you smooth and enjoyable riding. Programma Per Scaricare Giochi Ps2 Iso S. • TABLE OF CONTENTS Rear brake pedal 22 Gear change pedal 22 Setting the gear change pedal 23 Adjusting the rear brake pedal 24 Main components and devices Location 25 Tank filler plug 26 General Seat catch and helmet fasener 27 Warranty 6 Side stand 28 Symbols 6. • Checking brake pads for wear 49 Monster S4R versions 73 Throttle cable adjustment 49 Monster S4R Lubricating cables and joints 50 Charging the battery 51 For United States of America version only Checking drive chain tension 52 Chain lubrication 52.

View and Download DUCATI MONSTER S4R owner's manual online. MONSTER S4R Motorcycle pdf manual download. Manuale d'officina e manuale di riparazione Ducati Monster S4R. Manuale di officina Ducati Monster 600-750-900 scritto in tedesco. Per i modelli da anno 1993. Service manual DUCATI MONSTER S4. R TESTASTRETTASEGNALATE I LINK NON FUNZIONANTI NEL MENU' PRINCIPALE, SARANNO SUBITO SOSTITUITI! Ci teniamo a precisare che i manuali. Qualcomm Tool 5.6.42.

• Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. Advises you to read this booklet carefully so as to become familiar with your motorcycle. In case of any doubts, please call a Ducati dealer or authorized workshop.

The information contained herein will prove useful on your trips - and Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. • Useful information for safe riding lane in good time using the suitable turn indicators. Be sure you are clearly visible and do not ride within the Warning blind spot of vehicles ahead.

Read this section before riding your motorcycle. Be very careful when tackling road junctions, or when riding in the areas near exits from private grounds, car Accidents are frequently due to inexperience. • Carrying the maximum load allowed Your motorcycle is designed for long-distance riding, carrying the maximum load allowed in full safety.

Even weight distribution is critical to preserving these safety features and avoiding trouble when performing sudden manoeuvres or riding on bumpy roads. Information about carrying capacity The total weight of the motorcycle in running order including rider, pillion passenger, luggage and additional. • Identification data All Ducati motorcycles have two identification numbers, for frame (fig.

1) and engine (fig. Extract Xbox 360 Game Saves Usb. Frame number Engine number Note These numbers identify the motorcycle model and should always be indicated when ordering spare parts. • CONTROLS Warning This section details the position and function of all the controls you need to drive your motorcycle. Be sure to read this information carefully before you use the controls. Position of motorcycle controls (fig.

3) 1) Instrument panel. 2) Key-operated ignition switch and steering lock. • 7) EOBD light (orange) Instrument panel (fig. 4) When on, engine operation is inhibited. It goes out after a 1) High beam light (blue). Few seconds (usually 1.8 - 2 sec.). Comes on when high beam is on.

8) Speedometer (km/h). 2) Turn indicator light (green). • LCD unit functions When the ignition key is turned to ON, the instrument panel carries out a Check of all instruments (pointers, display, lights) (see fig. LCD (1) Turn the key to ON and press (B) (fig.

6) to display trip meter and odometer alternatively. • Water temperature When the water temperature goes below 40 °C (104 °F), 'LO' will be displayed. 'HI' will be displayed when the temperature exceeds 120 °C (248 °F). Fuel light 'FUEL' will be displayed when the fuel warning light comes on. Maintenance indicator After the first 1,000 Km (621 miles) and then every 10,000 Km (6210 miles), 'MAInt'. • The immobilizer system The key A performs the same functions as the keys B, For improved anti-theft protection, the motorcycle is and is also used to wipe off and re-program other black equipped with an IMMOBILIZER, an electronic system keys, if needed. That inhibits engine operation whenever the ignition switch is turned off.

• Code card The keys come with a CODE CARD (fig. 8) that reports: A) (fig. 9) the electronic code to be used in case of engine block, i.e. Bike did not start after key-ON. Warning Keep the CODE CARD in a safe place. However, it is advisable to keep the electronic code printed on the CODE CARD handy when you ride your motorcycle, in case it is necessary to override engine block through the.

• Note Procedure to disable immobilizer engine block Should the throttle twistgrip be released before the through throttle twistgrip set time, the warning light turns on again. It is then 1) Turn the key to ON and fully open throttle. Keep it necessary to bring the key to OFF and restart the open. • Operation Duplicate keys When the ignition key is turned to OFF, the immobilizer If you need any duplicate keys, contact the DUCATI inhibits engine operation. Service network with all the keys you have left and your When the ignition key is turned back to ON to start the CODE CARD. • Ignition switch and steering lock (fig. 10) It is located in front of the fuel tank and has four positions: A) ON: lights and engine on; B) OFF: lights and engine off; C) LOCK: steering locked; D) P: parking light and steering lock.